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Monday, May 24, 2010

Finished things and other stuff

I have finished two items in the last month, a baby gift and a shawl for myself. I attended a midnight knit in at a somewhat local yarn store (it took 45min to get there)this past Saturday. While I was there I cast on for the Traveling Woman shawl a lot of the people there cast on that night we called it a cast-on along. It was a lot of fun and I hope to be able to it again sometime.
My work schedule has changed so now I am off every other Saturday but had to give up being off every Tuesday so I sometimes cannot attend my Tues morning knitting group. I will miss that but having some Saturdays off will be worth it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knitting and things

I have been busy knitting and have finished a few things. I took part in an exchange on Ravelry and got a nice box of things.

So much to do

I have had so much to do the past few weeks I haven't had much free time. The last week end in January I attended a Civil War reenactment then another one two weeks later. The first on acually got my picture in the local newpaper and on the news.
Here are some picks of the events:The first two are from Olustee and the second two from the first event called The Road to Olustee.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it is 2010 already. Time has flown. Stephanie has graduated high school. We couldn't get her to the college she wanted to go to. She was accepted but we couldn't get the money for the tuition and other expences ($40,000 for the year) She is going to gry to get into a local community college that is an art school for the fall term.
I have been knitting and have pictures of what I have finished on Ravelry. I will be attending two reenactments in the next month. One the end of this month and the next one just 2 weeks later. I have to finish an outfit for this and fix another one I already have.
I have a second spinning wheel that a friend found on Craigs list for $60 and was able to talk the person down to $40 as it needs a little work and more bobbins. It looks like an Ashford Traditional.
Hopefully I will remember to post here more often but time will tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fort Clintch pictures

So much has happened

So much has happend since my last post. Steph has gotten into the college she wanted to go to. She didn't think she had a chance of getting in so she was real excited when she got her acceptance.
Last weekend was so busy. Steph had her prom, Tom and Ejvind went to a convention down in Orlando (kind of a Sci-Fi) and I had the yearly ladies encampment at Fort Clintch. Everyone had a wonderful time at their events. I will post pictures in a separate post.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Olustee pictures

Road to Olustee

Time tavel

Well the last 2 weekends have been so busy. The first weekend of the month I took part in a new reenacting event in Jacksonville called The Road to Olustee. It was just Sat and Sun so I set up on Fri. It was fun as there wasn't any real battles but on Sat the Yankee's raided our camp and stole stuff. Then on Sunday they came into the camp serching for a young man who was hiding from them dressed in a dress. We got to chase them off with brooms and such. We even made the news. Here is a link to the pictures:

You will have to cut and paste the links to see the pictures and the video.
Then the next weekend was Olustee. We were there from Thursday to Sunday. Both days I got in a lot of spinnng and knitting along with some sewing. I'll post pictures of both events in a separate post.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Knit in Public pictures

This has been frustrating as I can't get the pictures to go where I want them. They keep going to the top of the post instead of the bottom even this one. I'm trying to edit it to see if I can get it to move to the bottom. I couldn't on the last post but am trying something different on this on.

Knit in Public Winter Edition

Yesterday I went to a Knit in Public day that a local knitter (Kimber) decide to host as the one in June tends to be very hot here in Florida. The location was perfect, a park in Riverside right on the river with lots of trees. There were plenty of place to eat near by and plenty of parking near by also. There were door prizes and raffel prizes and I won one of each, a baby bat from Sugarbee Studios and a skein of yarn with a notecard, notebook and pencil jncluded.

The weather was nice althoough it did start to rain ait later in the day. We even had visitors the two legged kind along with the four legged variety. Unfortunetly my camera's memory card fried so I lost all the pictures I had taked. I have gotten some from other people but so far none of the dog that visited.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Stephanie and Me
At the Yarn Harlot
Yarn Harlot
My Yarn

My yarn skien


The past month has been so busy I don't know where to start. First off Stephanie has gotten her driver's licence. Now we have to get her car on the road. Tom was able to pick up a 1983 Mercedez diesel for a very low price. We have it registered but it needs a battery and a new key, she wants it done by Friday but I don't know if that will happen but we will try.
The I got to see the Yarn Harlot on the 16 of October, she is well worth taking the time to see her. I can't remember the time I laughed so much.
I finally finished a full skein of yarn from my spinning wheel, had some trouble spinning at first but was able to get some help and it got much easier. Then had more trouble when I went to ply the yarn but finally got it done.
In between all this I had dr's appts and 2 trips to the ER. The first trip was for Stephanie, she strained her back and then had an allergic reaction to something and had huge welts all over her body.
Then I made two trips to Gainsville with Tom for surgery on his ear for skin cancer. They believe they got it all so that is good. I was able to turn the second trip into a shopping trip to Hanks a yarn store in Gainsville. Then the same day we got back from his checkup in Gainsville he is a very stupid thing. He was cleaning a musket that belonged to our neighbor for use in a reenacting event in Nov. and it went off hitting him in the hand. So off we went to the ER for that, he was very lucky that there was only soft tissue damage but it sure messed up my evening. I will post pictures of everything in a second post.